Moontree: The Art of Healing

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Moontree is:

Deborah Robinson - Artist/Printmaker, Reiki Master and Craniosacral Therapist

David Robinson - Artist/Printmaker, Photographer and Poet

Benjamin Robinson - Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master

(Please note: Benjamin is now based in Bristol. He is available for consultation in Bristol, London and the Hampshire/Dorset area)

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Latest News

  • Current and forthcoming exhibitions

    We have a small selection of work at Completely Potty in Winton during October.

    We will be showing work as part of the "Kaleidoscope" Exhibition at Highcliffe Castle, Dorset, from November 5th until December 23rd.

  • Creation Myth

    Creation Myth

    (National Poetry day 2014)

    In the beginning was the word.


    The word was graceful and the word was strong.

    The word floated in the formless void

    and the darkness did not understand it.


    The word spoke itself. It spoke to itself.

    The darkness was not listening.


    Cradled in chaos, it sang itself to sleep,

    awoke and hugged itself for joy.


    One thing led to another. The word

    vibrated, swelled in ecstasy, begat

    another word. The darkness disapproved.


    Delirious with harmony, the words

    whirled and spoke and sang, though only they

    could hear themselves, the darkness was stone deaf.


    Careening madly through the empty dark,

    the words collided, danced and sparked, gave birth

    to strings and clouds and spirals of new words

    that coalesced, hanging in constellations,

    all sparkly in the newly-spoken light.


    The darkness was unimpressed. But the word

    was pleased and saw that it was good.

    And the word rested from its labours.


    And the evening and the morning were the first day.


  • At The Attic Gallery

    Our wall at

    The Attic Gallery

    August - October 2014

  • Commissions Welcomed

  • Our Last Exhibition

     at The Glastonbury Galleries, High Street, Glastonbury, from Saturday 5th. July until Monday 14th. July 2014

    "A Cabinet of Dreams" - A collaboration in Images, Words and Artefacts by Deborah and David Robinson